Large Enough to Serve You

Marshall Cumberland Presbyterian Church

​AUGUST  2019
21—Session meets at 6 pm

28--CPWM meets at 4:30 pm

1-- Communion (Jeff Crawford and Karen Guthrie serve)
4—Day Circle meets, 11:30 am
9—Christian Ed meets, 4:30 pm; Outreach meets at 5 pm; Music and Worship at 5:30
11—Marshall Ministerial Alliance meets at Family Worship, 8:30 am
11—Men’s Fellowship, 6 pm
18—Session meets at 6 pm
21—Missouri Presbytery at  9 am,  @Marshall CPC
25—CPWM, 4:30 pm
27—29   Family Retreat at Camp Cumberland
29----  Children’s Church family night, 4:30 pm

Small Enough to Know You