Marshall Cumberland Presbyterian Church


Small Enough to Know You

  Large Enough to Serve You

Building and Grounds Committee

The purpose of the Building and Grounds Committee is to be responsible for the maintenance and long-term planning for the continued upkeep of the church building and grounds. This committee is headed by Milton Wright and Mark Lockhart.
Their responsibilities include:
Periodic review of the church building and grounds to perform routine maintenance as needed
Recommend the Session to hire outside contractors when needed (except in case of emergency when immediate action is required)
Get approval for any project that will alter the physical appearance of the building or grounds from the Session
Develop a five-year capital improvements plan and present it to the Session

Christian Education Committee

The purpose of the Christian Education Committee is to promote, organize and direct the Christian Education activities of the Church and to provide Christian Education opportunities whenever possible. This committee is headed by Cheryl Riley.

Their responsibilities include:
Approving potential teachers and curriculum
Selecting a Sunday School Recording Secretary
Approving teachers and material for Vacation Bible School
Operate and expand the use of the library
Recognize/honor teachers periodically

Music and Worship Committee

The purpose of the Music and Worship Committee is to, in conjunction with the Pastor, plan special music and activities for Sunday morning worship and all other worship experiences. This committee is headed by Jon Parsons.
Their responsibilities include:
Acquire volunteers to serve as ushers and serve as acolytes
Supervise the choir
Plan special services for Lent, Mother’s Day, Memorial Sunday, Veteran’s Day, Father’s Day, July 4th, Advent and Member Recognition Sunday
Direct and plan worship during the absence of the Pastor

Outreach Committee

The purpose of the Outreach Committee is to promote, organize and coordinate outreach activities of the church. This committee is headed by Mary Kay Donnell.
Their responsibilities include:
Support local projects like Habitat for Humanity and the Lighthouse
Collect school supplies for local schools in August
Coordinate Salvation Army bell ringing for the church
Collect donations for the annual Hat and Glove drive
Coordinate snack collection for the Sue Long Literacy Program and other community groups
Support Project Graduation, especially in years we have seniors graduating
Support the Holiday Project in the Marshall community

Co-ordinate the operation of the church's Samaritan Fund (to  help needy families) and Food Pantry
Keep the congregation aware of OUO Projects and CP missionaries and their needs

Stewardship Committee

The purpose of the Stewardship Committee is to oversee ALL that God has entrusted to us. This committee is headed by Jeff Crawford.

Their responsibilities include:
Develop an overall fiscal policy;
Evaluate all financial investments and accounts;
Develop an annual church budget to be presented to the Session;  
Reconcile all expenditures to budget line items and report any deficits; 
Work with the Pastoral Review Committee to recommend changes to the pastoral compensation package