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Marshall Cumberland Presbyterian Church

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Our Pastor

Pastor Randy Shannon is a retired high school teacher who has lived and worked in the Marshall community his entire life.  He has served congregations in the United Methodist Church, the Christian Church (Disciples) and the Presbyterian Church (USA).  He holds a Bachelor of Science in Education degree and a Master of Arts from Central Missouri State University. Randy taught social studies, speech and drama for 27 years. His love of music and drama is evident to anyone who visits Cumberland for any length of time.  He completed the Program for Alternate Studies and was ordained in the Cumberland Presbyterian Church in 2008.  He and his wife, Vicki, have two  children, Jon and Bethany. Jon and his wife, Kelly, have two children, Laura and John David and live in Overland Park, KS.  Bethany is married to Ryan Spilhaus and lives in Kansas City. Randy feels blessed to be serving where he believes God has called him to serve.


As a "presbyterian" church, Cumberland is governed by elders. The word translated in your Bible as "elder" comes from the Greek word "presbuteros." In the Cumberland Presbyterian Church we believe that people are called to this leadership position: once they accept that call they are ordained in a service that includes the Biblical practice of other elders laying their hands on them in prayer. Once an elder, you will remain one all your life--unless you remove your membership from the church or are disciplined for living in a manner contrary to the faith. Some elders are "active" elders...that means they are serving on the governing body of the church at the current time. The body that governs each local congregation is known as a "session." Those elders who are not serving actively on the session are considered elders still, but "inactive."  The Marshall Cumberland Presbyterian Church, by action taken at the Congregational Meeting Dec. 3, 2018, set the number of elders on our session at 7.

The current members of the Marshall Cumberland Session are:
Jeff Crawford, Allen Dierking, Karen Guthrie, Dianne Hackler, Jon Parsons, Beverly Sloan and Terry W. Townsend

Karen Guthrie serves as our Stated Clerk (that means she acts as our recording secretary, among other things).

Children's Church:  Kathy Todd and Pam Kruger operate our Children's Church program which is held during the morning worship service.  

CPWM President:   Kay Graves is President of the evening group and Mary Kay Donnell is President of the Day Circle.

Men's Group:  Rob Latimer is President of the Men's Fellowship.

 Our Worship Technician team includes Jon Parsons and Chase Laxson.

Our church is part of a gathering of Cumberland churches called the Missouri Presbytery. The presbytery is in charge of the care of all congregations in their region and their pastors. All Cumberland Presbyteries belong to a higher group known as a Synod and all the Synods are under the guidance of the General Assembly. Think of this system as a system of indirect representation much like the U.S. government.

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